Femi Akinsanya is an investment banker, freelance financial advisor and private equity investor. His interest in African art dates back to his childhood in Ibadan, Nigeria where he grew up surrounded by indigenous artworks that played a major role in daily life, culture and religious rituals. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.




The Akinsanya collection comprises several hundred artworks that are mainly sculptures in wood and metal (bronze, brass, copper alloys, and iron) from various regions of Nigeria. The collection also contains about one hundred artworks by modern and contemporary Nigerian artists. The sculptures in the Akinsanya collection are largely figurative and range in size from small Yoruba wooden effigies to monumental sculptures that top out at well over six feet in height. The collection is pan-Nigerian but is especially strong in artworks from Yoruba speaking peoples, and from the Benue River Valley region that stretches from the Niger-Benue confluence to the Cameroon border. It also has a number of ceramic objects and many Edo Kingdom of Benin artworks of pre-invasion dynastic provenance and newer mid-twentieth century bronzes made by Benin casters in the styles and iconography of canonical archetypes. The Akinsanya collection demonstrates the continued existence of important indigenous artworks in Nigeria and also documents their changing forms.